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I hear so often from people all across our district they feel that both state and local governments no longer work for them, but instead, for the special interests. I intend to change that and bring balance back to Frankfort. My only special interest will always be for the betterment of our people and communities in which we live.

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Glenn Martin Hammond

Glenn Hammond is an eastern Kentucky native who has dedicated his life to standing up for those who couldn’t stand up for themselves. He will continue that same fight against corporate special interests in Frankfort for the people of the mountains and the commonwealth of Kentucky.

Working his way through college, Glenn graduated from the University of Kentucky with a double major in Finance and Management in 1992. He then attended and graduated from the Salmon P. Chase College of Law, and opened a law office here in Eastern Kentucky in 1996.

Glenn is a proud father of two strong and smart daughters, Brianne and Reese. He’s spent countless hours guiding them in their academics and extracurricular activities, as he understands the importance of a well-rounded public education for our kids. Glenn is very involved in church and has always volunteered throughout his community to help those in need.

Glenn’s family of Blackburns, Bevins, Maynards, Reeds, Hamiltons, Halls, Tacketts, Kisers, Laffertys, Derossets and Hammonds are and have been educators, laborers, miners, entrepreneurs, union members and doctors. His family taught him the value of education, hard work and respect for his fellow man. Glenn’s roots and the values instilled by his families have led him to always stand up for what’s right for the people of Eastern Kentucky.

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